O3 Telecom

Internet Service

Enjoy high-speed, consistent, and uninterrupted high-speed Internet up to 250 Mbps

Get the best with FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) O3 Telecom offers high-speed Internet access via FTTH technology. Latest software updates and much more.

O3 Telecom also offers the opportunity to benefit from high-speed Internet plans and premium services tailored to businesses.

In short, online services that take care of your personal and professional tasks are now easier and more effective with FTTH technology.


Only O3 is making it easy for broadband service providers to deliver fully integrated FTTH service and provide an outstanding professional services and solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and specific requirements by offering internet, IPTV, VOIP and VOD.


We have empowered our clients with state of the art TV viewing through IPTV & VOD. Where customer can browse internet, watch TV and use video on demand with many more.

The customer can use IPTV/VOD service through MyTV device.


O3 telecom has currently a point of presence, operation, and network infrastructure installed in the region, integrating internet and voice service, and offering free& low cost internet telephony targeting both residential and corporate users.

With VOIP service customers will benefit l0west international rates and free on line calls.

The customer can get this service by connecting a landline telephone device directly to the Modem and recharge it from a VOIP scratch card.